can suho stans be called suhomies

i look crosseyed but its the only decent selfie out of like fifty takes so happy fucking easter

hello welcome to the park jimin fanclub. we worship park jimin, our members consist of park jimin, and our president is park jimin. join us if u are park jimin

ah yes. easter. the day where jesus’ reanimated corpse comes back to force us to worship him and drink his blood and eat his flesh. i love it.

i might be on hiatus but ill only come back to make jokes bc you all need my brand of comedy every now and again 

we all like to make fun of kris but i bet u if we really did it he’d probably cry

wutangedclan said: rest well bruh and do what makes u giggle :)

you too homie!! stay swaggie<33

Hope u feel better :(! - concerned anon

thank you bb omg im sure ill be fine in a few days i just need a break from tumblr i guess

and yeah ill be on skype or line or kakao if any of you want it just inbox me i guess exprincesssammya 

yeah im taking a hiatus this website makes me really anxious and feel like shit